Campers will participate in age-appropriate, hands-on, activity based curriculum that emphasizes business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and physical activity.  

Students will be working in groups throughout the day and grouped according to age.  

Junior Achievement Curriculum:

K - 2nd:  
JA Our Families introduces students to entrepreneurship and learning objectives for first-grade social studies, including families, neighborhoods, money, and needs and wants.

3rd - 5th:
JA More than Money introduces students to financial literacy and entrepreneurship, and to social studies learning objectives that include money-management skills, goods and services, and global markets.

6th - 8th:
JA It’s My Business! Blended Model provides middle school students an opportunity to experience the initial steps necessary to start a business. New program content provides an authentic entrepreneurial experience for students, with each session building up to a product-pitch competition. 

Overcoming Obstacles Curriculum:

Overcoming Obstacles is a free, award-winning, and research-based K-12 curriculum that provides you with the tools to teach your students life skills. With hundreds of activity-based lessons covering more than 30 skills, students learn how to communicate effectively. They learn how to make informed decisions. They learn how to set and achieve goals, resolve conflicts, solve problems, respect one another, and more.

SPARK Curriculum:

The focus of SPARK is the development of healthy lifestyles, motor skills, movement knowledge, and social & personal skills.

It is expected that SPARK Physical Education/Physical Activity students will:

-Enjoy and seek out physical activity.
-Develop and maintain acceptable levels of physical fitness.
-Develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so they will experience success and feel comfortable during present and future physical activity pursuits.
-Develop the ability to get along with others in movement environments (e.g., share space and equipment, employ the “golden rule” of competition: be a good sport and demonstrate cooperative behavior).

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